Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office reviewing messages from phone identified in report as Kenneth Walker’s

Facebook posts, phone records now under scrutiny after release of PIU investigation
The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is reviewing new information about Kenneth Walker that could lead to new charges unrelated to the deadly March raid.
Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 12:45 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is now reviewing new information about Kenneth Walker that could lead to new charges unrelated to the deadly raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff Cooke confirmed the new investigation.

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer
Louisville mayor Greg Fischer(Source: Louisville Metro Government)

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Wednesday released the files from LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit investigation into the narcotics raid that left Taylor dead on March 13. Included in the file were more than 4,400 pages documenting witness and officer interviews, plus more than 50 body camera videos and 1,000 photographs.

In one of the dozens of investigative reports, PIU officers reviewed Walker’s cellphone records. The “forensic examination” review was conducted on May 21, more than two months after the shooting.

Walker’s phone records showed “numerous conversations about narcotics trafficking,” the detective wrote, in addition to conversations about guns and an alleged robbery.

WAVE 3 News has previously reported on the drug dealings of Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, but it was never previously known that Walker was alleged to have sold drugs. Walker’s text messages did not play into LMPD’s decision to conduct several narcotics raids the night Taylor was killed.

Jamarcus Glover, a central figure in the Breonna Taylor case, pleaded not guilty to several...
Jamarcus Glover, a central figure in the Breonna Taylor case, pleaded not guilty to several drug charges Friday.

“The information was discovered in Mr. Walker’s ‘chats’ and is (meant) to document his communications,” Sgt. Jeremy Ruoff wrote.

On more than one occasion, chats dated between March 1 and March 6 in the report described Walker allegedly selling pills to more than one employee at a Hooters restaurant and driving to locations to deliver them.

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Experts in different fields talked to WAVE 3 News about how stressful situations, like a shooting, can affect how people who were there remember it.

The PIU report also listed Facebook messages between Walker and others whose names were redacted, talking about the sale of marijuana, which was described as “Cali High Grade Premium Cannabis.” The report described other dates between January and March of 2020 in which the sale of marijuana was discussed.

The documents also described a text conversation that the report says was between Walker and two other unidentified individuals on Oct. 3, 2019, where investigators indicate the group was talking about getting guns and “robbing someone.”

“Walker asked how much ‘bread’ (money) there is supposed to be,” the PIU investigator wrote in the report, continuing, “(Redacted) said at least 25K but he’s going to watch the guy to see how much he’s getting. (Redacted) asks if it an eazy target or if they need to do homework. Walker (said) they needed to do homework regardless.”

Walker’s phone records described in the investigative report included pictures of pills, marijuana, a handgun, and another gun that is described as an AR-15.

The phone records were being reviewed by the PIU investigator in May, one day before the charge of attempted murder of a police officer was dropped against Walker by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

The charge was dropped “without prejudice,” meaning Walker could be charged again in relation to the shooting in the future.

The report stated that PIU investigators were not informed that the charge against Walker was going to be dismissed prior to the announcement.

Investigators also said they found a text conversation from Feb. 19 between Walker and an unidentified female who claims she saw an online picture of a car similar to Walker’s being associated with a robbery.

“(Redacted) tells Walker she saw a car on the internet that looked like his and explained that someone tried to rob (redacted) and it’s on camera and it looked like Walker’s car, but she didn’t say anything to (redacted),” the report read. “Indicating Walker may have committed a robbery prior to March 13, 2020. Investigators said they believe this information should be noted because it may have contributed to Walker’s actions on March 13th, 2020,” the night of the raid on Taylor’s home.

Walker fired one shot that night which struck LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly in the femoral artery. Mattingly was rushed to a hospital that night and recovered from his injury.

In recorded interviews, Walker said he thought they were being robbed, and that he did not know he was firing at police. Walker also has indicated he thought the person banging at the door was a “guy” Taylor was “on and off with.”

The information from Walker’s phone was obtained by PIU detectives assigned to investigate the shooting. Walker was not a part of the investigation into Glover.

No drugs or large amounts of cash were found in Taylor’s home the night of the raid.

Walker has not been charged in connection to any of the messages described in the report.

Here is the response from Walker’s attorney Steve Romines:

“Conducting an ‘investigation’ six months after the deadly raid is simply more evidence that LMPD is more interested in covering up their own misconduct than it is in finding the truth. Remarkably similar to them trying to retroactively justify the perjured warrant to ‘cover their own ass’ as Shively PD noted. There is much more evidence that Breonna Taylor was murdered by LMPD than there is evidence that Mr Walker ever committed any crime.”

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