PIU investigators say part of warrant for Breonna Taylor’s apartment was misleading

Updated: Oct. 8, 2020 at 11:37 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Inconsistencies are surfacing in what an LMPD detective reported in the search warrant for Breonna Taylor’s apartment, and investigators are recommending it be reviewed for criminal action.

The question is whether Jamarcus Glover, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, received drugs sent to her apartment. According to the affidavit on the warrant written up by Detective Joshua Jaynes, the postal inspector confirms Glover was getting packages.

“I didn’t need that line in there to get my P.C. [probable cause] just basically when I contacted him [Mattingly], it just reaffirmed what I saw,” Jaynes told investigators.

Jaynes reached out to Sgt. Jon Mattingly to investigate after he says he saw Glover go into Taylor’s apartment on Springfield Drive and come out with a package.

When asked why Jaynes didn’t go to the postal inspector himself, he said he didn’t have a contact, and “this is what Jon does."

Jaynes says Mattingly told him Glover was getting packages on Springfield; but two Shively officers, who Mattingly asked to check with the post office, say they told multiple LMPD detectives, not just Mattingly, that Glover wasn’t.

“Was it your intent to mislead the reviewing judge?” asked an investigator.

“No, not at all, and I could have worded it a bit differently in there, but I try to be not as detailed,” Jaynes said.

Jamarcus Glover
Jamarcus Glover

PIU investigators wrote they indeed find it not only misleading but worthy of a criminal investigation, requesting to look through his computer.

Jaynes said it was unnerving to hear what happened the night of the raid.

“Some of our investigation I would have done a little bit differently, but when I heard an officer got shot, my heart was in my throat,” Jaynes said.

A month after the shooting, Jaynes says he checked back in with Mattingly, who referred Jaynes to the Shively officers for more on what the postal inspector had to say about Glover.

Sgt. Tim Salyer of Shively PD said getting a text message from Jaynes a month after the raid was very odd.

“It looks like you’re trying to cover your ass, is what it appears to me,” Salyer said.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron chose to not make the warrant a part of his case, deferring that part of the investigation to the FBI.

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