New motion filed to silence Breonna Taylor grand juror, attorney files response Sunday

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office is making another request when it comes to the anonymous juror wanting to speak about the Breonna Taylor case
Updated: Oct. 11, 2020 at 6:58 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The anonymous grand juror’s attorney Kevin Glogower has filed a response to a motion by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to stop them from speaking publicly on the Breonna Taylor case.

The motion from Cameron’s office said the juror is asking the court to invalidate centuries of customs and traditions. It continues that if the court is inclined to grant the plaintiff’s request, the commonwealth wants the court to stop its order until there’s an appeal or another form of release.


It also alleges that allowing the juror to speak would harm the commonwealth, and break status quo and tradition.

Arguments from Glogower and the commonwealth’s side were presented in court Thursday.

Glogower said that secrecy was lost when recordings were released and Cameron made public remarks or appeared in television interviews, Glogower added there’s nothing to hide since the recordings and PIU files have already been released.

“If you don’t adequately explain the law, you don’t answer their questions,” Glowgower said. “If you don’t go down the path they’re leading you to then you’re not upholding your duty.”

On Sunday, Glogower released a response to Cameron’s motion to stay, arguing that the commonwealth loses no rights if a disclosure of the grand juror is allowed, and that there is “no harm of a ruinous nature should the Commonwealth’s motion be denied.”

Glogower argues that Cameron has made several comments in his initial press conference September 23 that are deemed questionable now with the release of new information. That information, Glogower says in the response, was not presented to the grand jury and is directly relevant to the court.

“The manner in which the Attorney General has proceeded in this action and his continuing public commentary makes it overwhelmingly clear it is his position he should be allowed to discuss portions of the grand jury proceedings that were not recorded but no one else should have the same ability," the statement reads. "No matter how inconsistent his public statements are with the actual recordings. More aptly stated, Mr. Cameron does not seem to want the information he has furnished to be recalled; or challenged, countered, or clarified. Undoubtedly, he does not want them corrected.”

The response requests the court to grant the anonymous juror’s request for disclosure and to deny the Commonwealth’s motion for stay.

Jefferson County Judge Annie O’Connell said she will decide on the matter as soon as possible.

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