Gov. Beshear confirms 643 more COVID-19 cases in Kentucky as family self-quarantines

Gov. Beshear confirms 643 more COVID-19 cases in Kentucky as family self-quarantines
Governor Andy Beshear (Source: WLEX)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Governor Andy Beshear on Monday confirmed 643 more cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky.

The new cases were announced as Beshear quarantines with his family in a section of the governor’s mansion after being exposed to a member of his security detail that recently tested positive for the coronavirus. His daily update was conducted virtually.

“He’s got some mild symptoms, but he’s doing fine," Beshear said. “He’s a very good person. We don’t put any blame on this on him or on anybody else.”

The governor said he, alongside his wife and two children, is not showing symptoms of the virus and is feeling healthy.

“I feel great. My family feels great. We’re trying to be really positive about this situation," Beshear said. “We’ve decided we’re going to try to make the most of all the extra family time that we have.”

The new number of COVID-19 cases is the highest number ever confirmed on a Monday since the pandemic began. It pushes the state total to nearly 81,000 at 80,930. Of the new cases, he said 94 of them are kids age 18 or younger.

The governor also confirmed three more deaths, bringing the statewide death toll to 1,255.

“Our personal responsibility and actions may be the difference in life and death for someone else,” he stressed.

The governor said the state has returned a positivity rate of 4.37%. Beshear also confirmed there are at least 672 people in a hospital because of COVID-19, and 180 are in an intensive care unit. He also said at least 93 patients are currently on a ventilator.

As he quarantines and works from home, Beshear said he was last tested for the coronavirus Thursday and his results were negative. He plans to be tested again Tuesday and Friday of this week.

“Sometimes this virus can take several days to register in a positive test, so we’re going to make sure we are careful," he said.

Beshear took the time to reiterate the top 10 rules from his administration to defeat COVID-19:

1. Wear a mask

2. Social distance

3. Wash hands and surfaces

4. Limit crowds and gatherings

5. Stay home if sick

6. Get tested

7. Answer the call

8. Healthy at work and school

9. Prioritize mental health

10. Limit travel

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