Dino’s Food Mart files appeal to stay in business

Dino’s Food Mart files appeal to stay in business

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A popular West Louisville gas station and food mart has filed an appeal with the city to stay in business.

In August, the city issued Dino’s Food Mart on 26th Street and Broadway an order to vacate, claiming the store was a public nuisance.

The appeal cites 15 “arguments” as to why Dino’s deserves to stay in business, including a lack of due process, a misinterpretation of state statutes, and bias.

Nader Shunnarah, who represents the owner of Dino’s, told WAVE 3 News the Louisville Code Enforcement Board does not have the ability to legally remove the store from the property and claimed the owner’s civil rights are being violated.

“Nowhere in the ordinance does it say my client is responsible to cure the ills of society, the crime rate," Shunnarah said. "It’s just not going to happen. You can close Dino’s. You can close every grocery store, every gas station in the West End. That’s not going to change the crime rate.”

WAVE 3 News checked the city’s crime map. It shows that in the past six months, there have been 635 incidents within a half-mile of Dino’s, which neighbors said is not a surprise.

“Shootings, parking lot pimping, fights, stuff like that usually," a man who only wanted to be identified as Rico told WAVE 3 News.

Rico said he used to frequent Dino’s because of their fried chicken, but has been pushed away by the people who congregate outside the store.

“People got kids,” he said. “Some people like to stop there to get gas on their way to work, get some chicken, fish, stuff like that. But it scares people when there’s a whole bunch of people, just a whole bunch of riff-raff in the parking lots and stuff.”

Another neighbor, who did not want to share her identity, told WAVE 3 News she and her three small children were robbed while they were walking home from Dino’s.

“They had seen me and my children leaving Dino’s and followed us down the street and assaulted us right at our front doorstep," the woman said.

Rico and the woman also said they have had positive interactions with the managers of the store, but are now scared of going there because of those who hang around there. They said if the city allows Dino’s to stay in business, they need to clean up the corner where the gas station sits.

“A lot of bad people hang out down there," the woman said. "I really wish they could clean that up.”

Shunnarah told WAVE 3 News he was confident in his client’s case but did not say when he expects the situation to be cleared up.

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