Science exhibit doubles as recruiting tool as UPS looks for future employees

Science exhibit doubles as recruiting tool as UPS looks for future employees

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - In what is historically a tight labor market, UPS is demonstrating how it is never too soon to start recruiting new employees.

The new One World by Air Cargo exhibit is an interactive UPS experience, complete with a flight simulator for young visitors to the Kentucky Science Center.

UPS hopes the connections will lead to future employees.

“This is the age when your imagination is sparked,” UPS Public Relations Manager Jim Mayer said. “And so I want that 8-year-old to fly the simulator, take a look at that airplane and say, ‘I want to fly that airplane someday and I want to fly for UPS.’”

It is a subtle lesson in free market labor. Before COVID, a shortage of qualified workers was a common complaint among employers and a drag on the region’s economy. By making connections early, UPS is working toward a long-term competitive advantage that economic development experts say is essential to future growth.

“If we’re not looking that far ahead, then a decade from now, we’ll wonder where the workers are then,” 1 Southern Indiana Executive Vice President Matt Hall said. “Where’s the interest then?”

Watching reactions, the Kentucky Science Center seems to make an impression.

“It makes me feel like a real pilot,” 8-year-old Miles Becker said. “Whenever I grow up I want to be one.”

Beyond flying, the interactive exhibits teach problem solving, math and engineering.

“A lot of what we teach is the confidence to try and experiment and do different things,” Kentucky Science Center CEO Mike Norman said.

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