Teenager hears mom’s voice with donated hearing aid

Teenager hears mom’s voice with donated hearing aid

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Most 18-year-olds want a party for their birthday. One Louisville teenager just wanted to hear her family’s voices.

Destiny Flowers applied to the Miracle-Ear Foundation with hopes of receiving a hearing aid.

Her mother, Summer Logan, said she keeps a hold on her daughter because of what the world cannot see.

“People wouldn’t know that she couldn’t hear them,” Logan said. “Even with police officers or with anyone just walking up behind her. She would not know someone was there.”

Just last week, Flowers said she almost got hit by a car because she could not hear or see it.

Flowers grew up on tour with her musical family. They noticed signs of hearing issues for years. Flowers said she always had problems hearing, she sang and spoke loudly. Her family learned in August she had hearing loss so severe doctors thought it was a birth defect.

They met with a hearing specialist Natalie Morton, at the Dixie Highway Miracle-Ear store, for the first time two months ago.

“Seventy percent of Americans have hearing loss and won’t do anything about it,” Morton said.

When hearing loss goes untreated, Morton said it can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s down the line. Morton said because Flowers took control of her health and quality of life, she may have prevented future disorders.

For her 18th birthday, Flowers wanted her hearing checked to know once and for all what was wrong with her hearing.

Morton said Flowers could not hear the loudest level of sound doctors can legally play. That changed Thursday when she received her first hearing aids.

When they were turned on, the teenager said she was most excited to hear her mom’s voice.

The Sullivan Culinary student and singer can now hear sizzles and tones for the first time and at 18 years old will have another round of firsts.

She will also hear a voice she lost physically when her younger brother died two years ago.

“That’s one thing we do keep around is his videos just to hear his voice once in a while,” Logan said. “So that will mean a whole lot to her to be able to hear him.”

Flowers may also give her natural singing talent another try.

“I stopped singing because I couldn’t hear myself anymore,” Flowers said. “I just let it go.”

The Miracle-Ear Foundation donated Flowers' hearing aid after she applied to the foundation, she will also receive a lifetime of free follow-up services.

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