Veterans walk 120 miles across Indiana to combat suicide rates

Veterans walk 120 miles across Indiana to combat suicide rates

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two vets, two rucks, one mission – to save soldiers' lives.

Local veterans are walking more than a hundred miles across Indiana to raise awareness about military veteran suicide.

“We sprain our ankle, we go see a doctor,” Brian Alvey said. “But we sprain the most sensitive thing on our body, our mental mechanism, our brain and well it’s good I’ll walk it off. That just doesn’t make any sense. We’ve got to open that door, we have to start having this dialog and we’ve got to encourage guys to go get some help through this.”

Brian Alvey and his longtime friend Adam Smith created the organization Warrior 110. Both veterans who served in the Middle East.

“It’s hard to make the transition to understand it’s okay to ask for help,” Smith said. “Isolation becomes a huge in veteran suicide because the isolation from other people because I’ve got this turns into that really deep depression that leads veterans into.”

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, about 17 veterans commit suicide every day. The goal of Warrior 110 is to prevent it.

In July 2019, Alvey and Smith walked about 115 miles from New Albany to Franklin, IN. This fundraiser brought in nearly $50,000 to help with local veteran services.

The pair are holding another ruck walk this year, and inviting the public to join. It will begin the morning of November 7. Find more about Warrior 110 here:

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