Louisville restaurants with outdoor seating preparing for colder weather

Louisville restaurants with outdoor seating preparing for colder weather

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Restaurants and bars in the Louisville area are getting ready for colder weather, some with powered heaters and tents set up to offer outdoor dining during the fall and winter months.

Monnik Beer Company’s owner Bryan Holton said expanding outdoor seating to keep guests socially distanced has been a focus for his team.

“We were the first place in Louisville to have street seating in the parking spots here,” Holton said. “We put up some barricades to block off an area and put some tables in the road."

On a hot, sunny afternoon it’s nice for some to sit outside and enjoy a drink, but as temperatures drop, the appeal of drinking a cold beer in even colder weather dwindles.

”It’s gonna get cold, it’s gonna get uncomfortable," Holton said. “Hopefully people are still willing to get out and try to sit outside."

Holton said space heaters are on the way, and Monnik Beer Company will do everything they can to keep guests warm.

”We’re just trying to adapt and make a great, comfortable, safe seating environment for everyone," Holton explained.

At Porcini on Frankfort Avenue, a heater is already hovering over guests in the outdoor dining area to keep them warm. General Manager Jason Hester said they are also working on partially enclosing the area as it gets colder.

“They should feel the warmth of our infrared heater,” Hester said. “It’s a custom-made heater we had installed, and we also have some fans we installed to move the heat around.”

Hester said it’s all about the health and safety of guests and he hopes every restaurant and bar does their part to help drop the positive COVID-19 case numbers.

“I think in some cases we’ve taken a lot of flak as far as being a cause which may or may not be unfair,” Hester added, “but as a place where people gather, we need to make sure they are doing it safely.”

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