Election Day in Indiana: Holcomb wins re-election as governor

Election Day in Indiana: Holcomb wins re-election as governor

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WAVE) - Several important races are being held within the Hoosier state in this year’s election, including the state gubernatorial race where Gov. Eric Holcomb seeks re-election for a second term.

The Associated Press projected Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. that Holcomb has won re-election for governor in Indiana.

Holcomb (R-IN), along with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, faced Democratic candidate Woody Myers, and Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater II on the ballot.

Myers, the former Health Commissioner of Indiana back in 1985, announced his candidacy for governor back in July of last year. His running mate, is former state representative Linda Lawson.

During his concession speech Tuesday night from his headquarters, Myers said it was an uphill battle that began two years ago, but it was support and encouragement from his bride to continue forward.

“I just spoke with Governor Eric Holcomb and congratulated him on his victory," Myers said. “I ran because I knew we could be better and we could do more for those who have so little and more for those who need so much.”

Rainwater, a United States Navy Veteran, was previously a Libertarian candidate for the Indiana State Senate in 2016 and for the Indiana State House of Representatives in 2018. His running mate for lieutenant governor is William Henry.

Another big race is for the state’s Attorney General position. Sitting Attorney General Curtis Hill lost the Republican nomination following multiple credible sexual misconduct allegations back in 2018.

The two candidates are Todd Rokita (R), a former US representative who served four consecutive terms starting in 2011, and Jonathan Weinzapfel, who previously served as the mayor of Evansville from 2004 to 2011.

Tuesday afternoon, Rokita’s campaign team confirmed that he would not be attending any election night events due to recently testing positive for COVID-19.

On Tuesday evening, AP projected that Rokita will be elected as Indiana’s Attorney General. His campaign released a statement on the election win.

“As a statewide officer holder I will continue to provide that same kind of pro-growth, limited government leadership which has allowed our state to succeed,” Rokita’s statement read. “In all things I will work to protect Indiana and put Hoosiers first.”

Weinzapfel released a concession statement later in the night.

I want to congratulate Attorney General-elect Todd Rokita on his victory. While we are disappointed in the outcome, I could not be more proud of the effort we made and the issues we raised,” Weinzapfel said in the statement. “As you’ve heard me say before, I entered this race because I didn’t like the direction the incumbent Attorney General was taking our state. We ran in response to his embarrassing personal behavior and partisan lawsuits that only hurt Hoosier families. We ran to restore honor, integrity and purpose to the office.”

Two seats in US Congress are also up for election, with Republican Greg Pence seeking re-election in Indiana’s 6th District against Democratic candidate Jeannine Lee Lake and Libertarian candidate Tom Ferkinhoff.

Pence is projected to win that race, according to the Associated Press.

In Indiana’s 9th District, Republican Trey Hollingsworth is seeking re-election against Democratic candidate Andy Ruff and Libertarian candidate Tonya Mills.

All races on the ballot in Floyd and Clark counties include:


Eric Holcomb – Suzanna Crouch-i (R) - Projected Winner

Woody Myers – Linda Lawson (D)

Donald Rainwater II – William Henry (L)

Attorney General

Todd Rokita (R) - Projected Winner

Jonathan Weinzapfel (D)

US Congress

District 6 - Greg Pence-i (R) - Projected Winner / Jeannine Lee Lake (D) / Tom Ferkinhoff (L)

District 9 - Trey Hollingsworth-i (R) - Projected Winner / Andy Ruff (D) / Tonya Millis (L)

State Representative

District 66 – Terry Goodin-i (D) / Zach Payne (R) - Projected Winner

District 70 – Kent Yeager (D) / Karen Engleman-i (R)

District 72 – Erica Lawrence (D) / Edward Clere-i (R)

Clark County

Circuit Judge 1 – Dan Moore (R) / Andrew Adams-i (D)

Circuit Judge 3 – Lisa Glickfield (R) / Joe Weber-i (D)

County Commissioner District 1 – Connie Sellers-i (R) / Don Vogel (D) / Gregory Hertzsch (L)

County Commissioner District 2 – Jack Coffman-i (R) / HC Sellers (D) /

County Council Member at Large (vote 3) David Ray Abbott (R) / John L Miller (R) / Kevin Vissing-i (R) / Brandy Brewer (D) / Jaime Hunt (D) / Larry Jordan Jr (D) / Thomas Keister (L)

Floyd County

Superior Judge 1 – Carrie Stiller (R) / Matthew Lorch (D)

Superior Judge 2 – James Hancock-i (R) / Chelsea Stanley (D)

County Commissioner District 2 – John Schellenberger-i (R) / Jeremy Shumate (D)

County Commissioner District 3 – Tim Kamer-i (R) / Thomas Lenfert (D)

County Council Member at Large (vote 3) – DM Bagshaw-i (R) / Connie Moon (R) / Douglas Wacker (R) / Calle Janson (D) / Leslie Knable-i (D) / Brad Streigel-i (D)

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