Voting concerns: Secretary of State worried about Eastern Kentucky

Voting concerns: Secretary of State worried about Eastern Kentucky
People voted at several polling locations across Jefferson County on Tuesday. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Secretary of State Michael Adams stopped by Ballard High School Tuesday morning to check in on the polling location. It was Adams' first stop on Election Day, as he made his rounds to make sure voting went smooth.

Adams said he was confident in Kentucky’s voting process, however he did have some concerns leading up to Election Day. Adams was particularly concerned with Eastern Kentucky and Pikeville. He said those areas did not utilize early voting at the same level as Louisville.

“Maybe a couple months ago there was a poll, a very respected poll, and it asked Kentuckians how are you going to vote,” Adams said. “They said 25 percent early, 13 percent absentee and 56 percent election day. That was terrifying we could not handle 56 percent of voters showing up on one day. It would crash the system.”

Adams noted there were changes this election due to the coronavirus and some he would like for some of the changes to stay.

“I’d like to see us keep the absentee ballot request portal, and keep the process we used to help restore the vote to people who made a mistake on their ballot that can easily be corrected. I’d like to keep early voting, I don’t think we need three weeks, definitely keep the Saturday prior.”

Adams said he had gotten word of lines in Fayette County and at one of Lexington’s eight polling locations. Adams said nearly 1 million Kentuckians voted during the early voting window. Adams also said Kentucky results would be in election night. He said after 6 p.m., 95 percent of the votes should be counted.

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