Indicted LMPD officer increased salary while still working during Explorer child sex abuse investigation

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 1:12 AM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Former LMPD officer Brad Schuhmann, the third officer indicted in the department’s Explorer case in which two other officers have already been convicted of sexually abusing children in the cadet program, reportedly received raises after being placed on administrative reassignment more than three years ago.

WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned that in the time that Schumann was placed on administrative reassignment in May of 2017 until his resignation last week, he continued earning a paycheck and received raises from the department. His base pay went up by $1,000 from $53,393 in 2019. WAVE 3 News also found his salary included an additional $7,000 to his base pay in 2018 and 2019, according to city records.

In the three years since his reassignment, his salary, with raises included, amounted to more than $215,000.

It is unclear where the additional funds came from.

Schuhmann was federally indicted last week by on civil rights violations related to the victim allegedly having “her bodily integrity violated by a person acting under color of law.”

The former LMPD officer is one of several officers and administrators named in the federal lawsuit claiming sexual abuse and a cover-up at the hands of Curtis Flaherty, a former LMPD Major who was the supervisor of the program.

The lawsuit also reveals a long list of defendants including the department, the city and the Lincoln Heritage Council Inc. Boy Scouts of America. The officers named as defendants are Brad Schuhmann, Curtis Flaherty, Kenneth Betts, Brandon Wood, Matthew Gelhausen, and Julie Schmidt.

The documents allege Brad Schuhmann, an LMPD officer involved in the Explorer Program, sexually abused a female Explorer with the initials “B.L.” and sent her sexually explicit pictures. The alleged abuse would happen in Schuhmann’s vehicle, the court documents state, happening between 2010 and 2011. The documents also claim Schuhmann solicited the underage Explorer beginning in 2008 through text messages and during ride-alongs.

Schuhmann is accused of groping B.L. on numerous occasions.

The parents of the victim reportedly confronted Schuhmann and asked to meet with Flaherty, a former major of the department and supervisor of the Explorer Program.

The lawsuit further states Flaherty, Betts, Wood, Schmidt and Gelhousen confronted the victim about the abuse allegations during an LMPD Explorer Camp in Atlanta. That’s when, according to the lawsuit, Kenneth Betts and another officer, Julie Schmidt, interrogated her for an hour on a courtyard bench, blaming her for the abuse. The interrogation was reportedly so intense that the Explorer was hysterically sobbing. In the documents, she claims the officers were verbally abusive and asked for her parents or an attorney to be with her numerous times during the talk.

Flaherty is accused of joining the other officers in their interrogation of the victim, and later went to her hotel room with Betts, Schmidt, Wood, and Gelhousen and searched it, going through her belongings without permission or a warrant, the lawsuit states.

B.L. stated her cell phone was also taken and searched.

When the victim’s parents found out, the lawsuit states Flaherty told them they would not have to pay for the trip. He told them, according to the documents, that the appropriate action would be taken against Schuhmann.

The lawsuit also states Schuhmann was having sex with another underage Explorer at the time.

None of the events that happened were reported by any of the officers, the lawsuit alleges, and states the officers purposely allowed for the statute of limitations to run out.

Flaherty did not report the abuse, the documents allege, and has never been charged in connection to the abuse allegations, nor was he ever placed on reassignment by former LMPD Chief Steve Conrad. He was also promoted during the course of the investigation.

Schuhmann is expected to plead guilty to the indictment next week.

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