Floyd Co. homes to turn into makeshift classrooms until end of semester

Floyd Co. homes to turn into makeshift classrooms until end of semester

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) - Many families' homes have been doubling as makeshift classrooms as students move to online learning during the age of COVID.

Miles Eberle is a student at New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation (NAFC). This fall, he’s gotten used to starting his days at his weekdays at his desk, settling into class from the comfort of his own home.

Eberle’s father Brendan Zirnheld has had to find a rhythm with his son since the start of the school year because he and his partner both have full-time jobs.

“He’s supposed to send me a text every morning, ‘Hey, getting ready for school,’ just to let me know he’s on it,” Zirnheld said. “We’re very fortunate the way our schedules line up.”

However, its not always that easy.

As a 12-year old, Eberle’s attention tends to veer off one screen and onto another, playing games on his phone. The family has since learned a few tricks, like letting the preteen play games while eating lunch, but after that, he knows it’s back to work.

“Miles has set up alarms for when he’s supposed to be in each of his classes, they’re set one minute before he’s supposed to be in the meet,” Zirnheld explained.

Zirnheld says while e-learning is tough, he says it’s still worth it to see his son learn the building blocks of life.

“The most difficult part is not to sit over your child’s shoulder and make sure they’re on task,” he said. “Even if they were in school they’d be talking, passing notes, you have to give them a little bit of freedom to figure it out.”

Tuesday marked day 62 of NAFC students learning in person, though some schedules had been staggered or families like Zirnheld’s opted to learn online. The complete digital shift will go into effect on Friday, Nov. 20 and will last until the end of the semester, which is Dec. 18.

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