Perez-Lloyd to step down as Silver Creek superintendent

Perez-Lloyd to step down as Silver Creek superintendent
Silver Creek High School

SELLERSBURG, Ind. (News and Tribune) - Clemen Perez-Lloyd is stepping down as superintendent of Silver Creek Community School Corp.

The school board accepted the terms of Perez-Lloyd’s resignation at Monday’s Silver Creek school board meeting. Her resignation is effective Jan. 1.

Perez-Lloyd started as interim superintendent at West Clark Community Schools in 2018, and she became the district’s official superintendent in 2019. Since West Clark split into Silver Creek Community School Corp. and Borden-Henryville School Corp. after a June referendum, she has been leading the new Silver Creek district as it navigates the COVID-19 pandemic.

An interim superintendent will be appointed by the board in January, and after the new school board takes effect, the district will search for a permanent superintendent.

Perez-Lloyd said she felt it was a time for a change in her career, and it was a personal decision for her to depart as the district’s superintendent.

“I do believe that as much as I love this corporation, they do deserve a change,” she said. “It’s in the cards for Silver Creek, and I honestly believe that I do need the peace of mind after years of a roller coaster.”

Perez-Lloyd is preparing to launch her own business in Louisville called Time Out, LLC, which will combine art and Spanish lessons.

“I’m also looking forward to coming back to education at one point after a break,” she said. “It’s what I love, and you’re not seeing the last of me in education.”

Silver Creek board member Joe Basham said Perez-Lloyd has done a great job and he hates to see her depart as superintendent.

He said when Perez-Lloyd took leadership of West Clark, she had to make some difficult decisions to tighten up the budget, which included restructuring and staffing cuts. She helped “stop the bleeding” in terms of the district’s financial health, he said.

“The job she has done is a tough one, and some of the choices she had to make stepped on some teachers' and staff’s toes, but the choices she made — and that the board approved — helped get us where we are today,” Basham said. “If it hadn’t been for some tough decisions she made the state school board would have never let us take it to a vote to split West Clark.”

Silver Creek board president Doug Coffman said “there is no one that has higher integrity and greater consistency” than Perez-Lloyd. He also cited her actions to reduce costs.

“We tried to do those [budget cuts] with other people and we couldn’t get it done, and Clemen stepped up to the plate and asked us to give her an opportunity, and I have no regrets,” he said. “She’s done a remarkable job.”

Silver Creek board member Chris Rountree said he appreciates the tough decisions Perez-Lloyd has made over the years, and he wishes her well in her future endeavors. The board will meet next week to discuss the role of interim superintendent, he said.

“Our ultimate goal is to find the best superintendent we can who can keep the school board moving forward for our strategic plan,” she said.

Perez-Lloyd said she feels that she is leaving the district in a "great situation. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Silver Creek is seeing increased enrollment, and teachers received a 3% raise this year.

“The most rewarding thing to see that after going through so many ups and downs and hard decisions that keep you up at night, you know it was worth it to give the community the opportunity to get where they are — I think that’s very rewarding.”