Is panic-buying back in Louisville?

Is panic-buying back in Louisville?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Some shoppers around the country have started panic-buying once again with little evidence they need to be.

Large retail chains like Kroger and Costo announced they are limiting how many packs of paper products customers can buy, and the toilet paper shelves at one Louisville area Target store were stripped bare Monday afternoon.

However, it’s a different story at many locally-owned grocery stores. Shelves are fully stocked, and some stores started to prepare for a second wave of panic-buying once cases began to spike.

ValuMarket told WAVE 3 News that managers purchased tons of additional paper products and placed all of its stock on the floor.

“We’re stocked and we’re ready for it,” said Mike Whitaker, dairy and frozen foods manager at ValuMarket.

On Thursday, the paper product supply at ValuMarket seemed endless. Rolls filled the aisles, lined the tops of the freezer sections and spilled out of the end caps. Managers said they ordered a large amount of stock hoping to avoid repeating what happened in March.

“It got a little scary thinking why does one person need 700 rolls of toilet paper?” Whitaker said. “You’re not going to be cooped up that long. We have to take care of everybody and let everybody have some.”

ValuMarket said most of its other merchandise, like meats, bread and dairy products, are also fully stocked. Managers have noticed an increase in business, but they believe most of it is because of the holiday rush.

“They’re buying the bargains and the sale items to get ready for the get togethers and the dinners, which are going to be small this year compared to what they normally are,” Whitaker said.

The situation was similar at Paul’s Fruit Market in St. Matthews, where managers told WAVE 3 News business has been up all year, but the store has been able to keep up with the demand.

Managers at ValuMarket said they can continue to serve the community by keeping shelves stocked as long as people don’t panic, remain patient and only buy what they need.

WAVE 3 News reached out to Walmart, Kroger and Meijer to ask if they are struggling to keep shelves full, but has not heard back.

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