Gym owners adjusting after new restrictions

Gym owners adjusting after new restrictions

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Title Boxing Club on Hurstbourne has been affected by the pandemic since the beginning.

with a couple of restrictions that’s happened since March, Jason Wallace, owner of the gym said he’s been doing everything he can to keep his gym open and safe.

Just before the 1-year anniversary of Title Boxing Club, President Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency.

“We had a great community built up,” Wallace explained. “You know we were having events about to celebrate with a nice event and we shut down the Wednesday before our event was planned.”

Now with new restrictions from Governor Beshear which limits gym capacity to 33% and restricts group training, Title Boxing Club boxers can no longer train in groups, but with a new program called Open Gym, gym-goers will still be able to work out and train.

“They can do their own bag work, focus on anything they might have that they want to improve upon, then we provide a workout of the day so that they can have a full 45 minute to an hour workout to work through,” Wallace added.

Other gyms like Barre3 on Frankfort Avenue have decided to go completely virtual. In a statement, Gym owners there said many businesses may not make it through this pandemic and the community’s support is needed.

“When Governor Beshear announced the new mandates last week we were ready to quickly pivot. Since we aren’t able to offer an open gym concept, we went 100% virtual on Zoom. We are offering 17-classes per week and also an on-demand library of classes with your favorite barre3 Frankfort Avenue instructors. Our instructors will deliver a full-body balanced workout that will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.”]

Before the restrictions, we were operating at less than 30% occupancy in order to abide by the healthy at work requirements for group classes. We had 8 people in each socially distanced class that normally had 27. In addition, we have three huge garage doors in the studio that we opened for every class to make it feel like you were taking class outside. We also cleaned and sanitized for 30-minutes between each class.

We know that the best way for people to process stress and anxiety is through movement so I encourage everyone to find your favorite studio and continue to support them. Many businesses will not make it through this hardship and we need the support of our Louisville community now more than ever.”

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