‘Greatest Cleanup in West End History’ planned for Saturday

‘Greatest Cleanup in West End History’ planned for Saturday

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - This weekend, hundreds of people are expected to join together for what they are calling the “Greatest Cleanup in West End History.”

When LaFon “Fonz” Brown drives around neighborhoods in west Louisville, he wants to see change. He says people often ask for his car club, Mopar Muscle Car Club, to come to their neighborhoods. After those requests and driving around the area, he realized there was something they could do to make a change.

“One thing we noticed is how bad the streets are,” Fonz told WAVE 3 News. “A lot of the neighborhoods [there is] a lot of trash, a lot of debris, a lot of alleyways with a lot of tires and, you know, beds and things like that. So I thought, OK, well if you want us to come on the street, let’s make it for a reason. So, I thought of ‘The Greatest Cleanup in West End History.’”

For years Mopar Muscle, MobTies Car Club, and others have teamed up for trunk or treats and collecting donations for children and nursing homes in the area. This time, Fonz said they want to do something even bigger.

“I want this to be the greatest cleanup in west end history,” Fonz said.

Fonz and Mopar Muscle are partnering with several car clubs and local organizations, like iCAN. Erica Bowman with iCAN said they noticed a cleanup was needed as they were working with Universal Development and Planning Corporation canvassing areas for election time.

“We were seeing the community needed to be cleaned up as we were putting up signs and getting people to vote,” Bowman said.

When she heard other organizations planning a cleanup, she said it was easy to get on board to help.

“It’s important for you to be able to live in a clean community because you take pride in it,” Bowman said. “Once you take pride in where you live then you will step up when things are out of line and not right.”

Fonz said they are calling on everyone in the community to join them, from councilmembers, who have offered their support and send donations of masks and trash bags, to people who live in the community.

Mike Brizendine with Universal Development and Planning corporation said people need to get invested.

“Call your grandkids, call your nieces, call your nephews let’s do a little peace right now,” Brizendine said. “Let’s slow down. There’s a lot of killing going on out there. We’re putting our feet on the ground, boots on the ground. Everybody do the same and change it up a little bit.”

The groups will meet Saturday, Nov. 28 around 11 a.m., and they plan to start cleaning at 12 p.m.

They will be stocked up with masks, trash bags and rakes to start cleaning up all areas of west Louisville. Fonz said it’s not just about one neighborhood but all areas.

Fonz has a list of names written down, from Louisville Metro Council members to other community members that he wants to see out there Saturday. He said he wants to put pressure on local politicians and councilmembers to help and keep things clean.

“You want to spread hope, show people that’s from this neck of the woods that not everybody is out here shooting and killing,” Fonz said. “Not everybody is out here trying to the same thing they’ve been doing in their past life. We try to highlight that and at the same time show these young ones there are different ways to get these nice cars and ride around the way we ride around.”

The group will meet at the Louisville Urban League at 11 a.m.

If you would like to help, or donate supplies or trucks to help with the cleanup, email Fonz at brownfonz502@gmail.com.

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