Make Ends Meet: How to have a happy holiday shopping experience

Published: Nov. 27, 2020 at 9:36 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Shoppers who need to save time and money this Christmas while holiday shopping there are ways to win big if they’re in pursuit of the perfect gift with an even better price.

Extensions used while shopping can help find several deals several ways. There are also software programs that allow shoppers to tailor the functionality or behavior of the web browser to whatever individual needs or preferences needed.

Omir Traub is a frequent online shopper with a technology background. Three years ago, he created Popcart, a free shopping extension for Chrome that helps shoppers save money when shopping online.  He took the frustrations he faced as a consumer and turned them into a consumer tool that can be used to compare prices across all major shopping platforms.

“More people are doing their shopping online this year for obvious reasons because of the pandemic,” Traub proclaimed. “It’s a trend we’ve seen over the last eight months or so.”

According to an online survey by customer experience management platform Qudini, 51% of consumers are visiting stores less because they are buying online.

“I think the pandemic has brought both the best and the worst of holiday shopping,” Traub stressed. “The safety of shopping from home without having to go to the store. The incredible variety. Some good prices.”

Traub also warns that you can also find the worst of what the online shopping experience has to offer as well if you are not careful. Almost everything and anything can be found on online and it’s easy, but it can also be risky business.

“On sites like Amazon and Walmart, more than half of the items sold are sold by third party sellers,” Traub warned.

Third-party sellers are independent sellers. Their policies, services and products may not follow the same policies or standards as the site they are featured on.

“Sometimes they are people like you and me trying to make a quick buck,” Traub explained. “These people are trying to take advantage of shoppers and set prices intentionally high hoping to make some extra money.”

Traub tries to help consumers overcome the battle with product shortages, price gouging and comparison shopping. He has insight and secrets to help consumers navigate supplies and best prices which can be especially helping during this holiday season.

“The Popcart browser extension just pops up to tell you there’s a better price elsewhere,” Traub said enthusiastically. “You install it into your browser then you just shop as you normally would. Popcart has a new feature called genius alerts that you can set and we will automatically via email or pop up tell you when items come in stock.”

There are many browser extensions to help people shop smarter and faster, or they can do the dirty work themselves. Traub suggested shoppers pay attention to price being payed and to make sure they know what they’re getting.

“Always compare prices,” he stressed. “Always look across multiple sites. Be aware and protect yourself from price gouging.”

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