Louisville restaurant, bar owners applying for $10,000 state relief money say it’s not enough

Louisville restaurant, bar owners applying for $10,000 state relief money say it’s not enough

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Team Kentucky Food and Beverage Relief Fund was created to aid smaller restaurants and bars in the state struggling to make it through the coronavirus pandemic. The $40 million grant was put in place to help restaurants and bars affected by COVID-19 restrictions between March 6 and Dec. 31.

Up to $10,000 will be given to an eligible business, and a maximum of $20,000 will be given to business owners operating multiple restaurants and bars.

“Reimburse expenses include rent, employee salaries, health insurance costs, inventory costs and personal protective equipment,” Gov. Andy Beshear explained Monday.

Beshear said nearly 2,200 applications had been submitted.

Antz Wettig, a co-owner of Zanzabar in Louisville, is one out of the thousands. She told WAVE 3 News business owners need the financial support and are thankful for the help, it’s still not enough to make up for what they’ve lost this year and continue to lose.

”I spent all day trying to figure out the financing reports to get the grant,” Wettig said “I mean, I need it. I’m grateful for any support I can get, but it’s just not enough. We need that every couple of weeks.”

Along with Wettig, Olivia Griffin, owner of Riot Café and The Limbo in downtown Louisville, said it’s not much restaurant owners can do with $10,000.

”Most of us are looking at rents and mortgages of over $2,000 a month, and I’m sure most of us have back-owed rents,” Griffin said.

Griffin said the only option now is to keep going and working with others in the service industry to keep serving Louisvillians.

”Tomorrow we’re actually launching a really cool, fun cocktail and bar bingo card program for the month of December,” she explained, “and we have 11 participating bars and restaurants who will all be making and featuring the same two cocktails for each week in December.”

Griffin added the information in a press release regarding Louisville’s Bar Bingo, which starts on Tuesday:

“Louisville Bar Bingo will be hosted by Gold Bar, The Limbo/Riot Café, Mag Bar, Merryweather, Meta, Noche Mexican BBQ, NoraeBar, ShopBar, Ostra, and Zanzabar. The bingo card can be downloaded through each bar’s social media pages, and individuals get a stamp from each bar when purchasing the cocktail of the week (every bar will make their own version). Once you have 16 stamps you can enter your bingo card to win a massive prize including local gift cards, specialty bottles, and more. To win, patrons must have a stamp from each bar on the card at least once in the month of December. Additionally, folks can vote for their favorite version of each cocktail by circling the stamp of the bar that had their favorite beverage.”

The deadline for The Team Kentucky Food and Beverage Relief Fund is Dec. 18. Applications can be found at teamkyfbrf.ky.gov.

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