Small business hopes week-long Cyber Monday deals will draw clients amid pandemic

Small business hopes week-long Cyber Monday deals will draw clients amid pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Cyber Monday likely means inboxes have been inundated with offers from people’s favorite stores. Big and small businesses alike are using the day to draw shoppers to digital deals.

Some, like the AHHA Center in Bardstown, are finding online promotions have become key to attracting customers as the pandemic continues.

“Tammy and I joined forces to create the center to meet people where they are and guide them on their healing journey,” Samantha Bayless, an AHHA Center partner, said.

Bayless and Tammy Felker, the business’ other partner, recently joined the Bardstown Chamber of Commerce but have been open there and in Louisville since February. Part wellness shop and part yoga, massage and personal training studio, clients will find the crystals just past the thermometer and sanitizer next to the mats.

The business has also adapted to COVID-19.

“The technology, with healing, it kind of interferes with that,” Felker said. “But, with COVID, we’re trying to come up with some virtual things. So, I’ve started live Facebook crystal meditations on Saturdays. If you don’t have the crystals, the cameras still on the crystal so you can still participate.”

The two said they are still able to do some pared down activities in-person, but have shifted some services online. Felker said Cyber Monday promotions are also being used to boost sales and serve clients. 

“We’ve got to reach more people,” she said. “People are online and at home. That’s how they’re going to see it.”

Bayless said it’s all happening during a holiday shopping season she suggest selfcare items may be an important gift to give.

“Right now, that is so important because as we’re isolated,” she said. “This is a perfect time to work on ourselves. So, when we are able to come together, as family and friends, the community, and as a society, we are that much more able to, and we are strong of mind, body and spirit.”

Those at the AHHA Center said they decided not to just run their Cyber Monday deals for one day, but will continue them all week.

USPS and other delivery companies like UPS and FedEx have released updated shipping deadlines for 2020.

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