‘Pure devastation’: 15 Kentucky grads ripped of passing bar exam scores after calculation error

‘Pure devastation’: 15 Kentucky grads ripped of passing bar exam scores after calculation error

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Fifteen Kentucky law school graduates are left wondering what to do after being told they passed the bar exam recently but later receiving a letter saying they actually failed.

On Nov. 30, Timothy Poole, like many other law school graduates, was excited to share the good news with friends and family that he passed the Kentucky bar exam.

“It’s like you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish,” Poole said, “and then to have it taken back, it’s just, it’s a different psychological pain.”

Three days later, Poole was one of 18 graduates who got a call saying his initial score was wrong.

“I initially thought it was a prank,” Poole explained. “I called the number back, it was actually the Kentucky Bar Exam Association and so, just pure devastation after that.”

Out of the 18 test takers affected by the testing error, 15 who thought they passed the exam failed, and three who thought they failed, passed.

“We were all given slightly different versions of what is going on here, it wasn’t until today that the Kentucky bar had settled on it was an excel worksheet issue,” Poole added. “We were initially told it was just a calculation error.”

Now the group are calling themselves “The 15,” and some are working with attorneys Sam Aguiar and Georgia Connally.

In a letter, Connally’s client summed up her feelings.

“To find out that you failed the bar exam is one thing,” Connally read. “But to have been told that you passed only to have that ripped out from under you more than 3 days later is unbearable, nothing less than unbearable.”

Connally said her client is mentally and emotionally struggling with the news, and she plans on pushing the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions for some kind of action until the group gets closure.

“We would like to see some transparency,” Connally expressed. “I think my client would like to see her exam, would like to see the scoring process, this type of information isn’t released usually.”

In a letter, the entucky Office of Bar Admissions executive director apologized to everyone affected.

The group of 15 will have their fees waived for the February bar exam as they try again to start their legal careers by passing the exam.

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