New evidence in Brett Hankison case shows former officer’s first exchange with Kenneth Walker

Published: Dec. 8, 2020 at 8:10 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Dozens of pieces of evidence have been filed in the case against former LMPD Det. Brett Hankison.

Images, documents and videos are part of a discovery file in the criminal case against the former narcotics detective.

Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing his weapon into the apartment next to Breonna Taylor’s during an LMPD raid on her apartment in March. Taylor was killed, but neither Hankison nor the other two officers with him were charged in her death.

Hankison has pleaded not guilty.

The discovery file includes ambulance response records, crime scene photos and videos, the shooting trajectory report, FBI lab reports and an interview of Hankison conducted by the FBI.

The videos show the moment when former Hankison speaks to Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker for the first time.

“Keep walking backwards,” Hankison says in one video. “One more step, sir.”

As Walker is walking towards them, officers are still guarding the apartment against another possible shooter. Hankison also makes a reference to someone possibly shooting at them from the outside entryway into the apartment.

Walker meanwhile is moving slowly with his hands in the air.

“What’s going on?” Walker asks.

“You’re going to f****** prison, that’s what’s going on,” Hankison replies. “Let’s get behind this car for cover.”

“What did I do?” Walker asks repeatedly. “There was banging at the door. She said ‘Who is it?’ And y’all just started shooting.”

“No, no. We announced three times,” another officer is heard off camera saying.

“There’s somebody in there dead?” Hankison asks Walker.

“My girlfriend! It’s her house, it was her house,” Walker responds.

“We have to go in if there’s someone in the house,” Hankison tells another officer.

“What is this about? We are both regular working people,” Walker says.

“Where is she at in the apartment?” Hankison asks Walker.

“She’s on the ground,” Walker says.

“Where at?” Hankison asks.

“In the hallway,” Walker says.

“What kind of gun did she shoot?” the other officer asks.

“It’s a 9, it’s a regular 9 mm,” Walker says.

“Did she shoot or you shoot it?” an officer asks.

“It was her,” Walker says. “She was scared.”

“We’re calling in SWAT to make it secure,” an officer says. “We’re not rushing in there if we already got shot at.”

Around the same time, other officers are still arriving to the scene, unsure of what’s happening. Their exchanges were also recorded.

“He’s on foot?” one officer asks about Hankison.

“He said he’s in one of the apartment complexes, and then a heavy set black female, one of them has a long gun,” another responds.

Around this time, the LMPD SWAT Team is called in from Taylor’s ex-boyfriend’s alleged drug house on Elliott Avenue. They leave that scene and move into Taylor’s apartment cautiously.

“Watch the kitchen, watch the kitchen,” SWAT members tell each other, not sure if anyone else is armed inside.

They clear the entire apartment before they call in a medic to tend to Taylor.

Walker later changed his story to admit that it wasn’t Taylor who fired the gun. He admitted to shooting LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly in the leg, believing Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove to be home intruders. His shot lead to a shootout that ended in Taylor’s death when she was shot six times.

Walker was not hit.

Some of the information already was made public in the release of LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit case file, which included more than 4,000 pages and more than 60 videos.

A discovery filing is a normal action during a criminal investigation where both the prosecution and defense attorneys get to see what evidence has been collected and may be presented during trial.

The documents state the redactions of personal information that would be considered an invasion of privacy for those involved, including Taylor, were made in record time.

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