BREONNA TAYLOR: New videos, audio recordings, documents reveal more from March 13th shooting

BREONNA TAYLOR: New videos, audio recordings, documents reveal more from March 13th shooting

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Days after Breonna Taylor’s family reinstated their promise to not stop fighting until they get justice, more documents related to the case were released.

In court documents filed in the discovery involving former Louisville Metro Police Department detective Brett Hankison, the moment Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, learned what happened to her daughter for the first time is heard. She was speaking to a detective after the shooting in March.

“Where is Breonna?”' Palmer asked.

A detective told her she was still inside the apartment. Palmer’s cries and whaling can be heard on the audio recording.

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The detective gave Palmer a moment before continuing to ask questions about Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

“Did Breonna mention to you that there had been any you know, weird or different occurrences going on…anything to you about parcels being delivered?” the unidentified detective asked.

Palmer answered in a confused tone.

“What? No,” Palmer said.

Alleged parcels or packages, along with claims of a gentrification project and trap house are at the root of the questioned validity of the warrant. LMPD detective Joshua Jaynes requested the warrant. In October, his attorney Thomas Clay told WAVE 3 News there was a witness to the conversation between Jaynes and officer Jon Mattingly. Clay said Mattingly told Jaynes there were suspected packages going to Taylor’s home. The packages were allegedly sent from Jamarcus Glover, who was tied to a trap house on Elliott Avenue.

For the first time in the new documents, we learned, and Clay confirmed, detective Kelly Goodlett, who was investigating that trap house, was the witness. Clay said her statement confirmed Jaynes claim that Mattingly gave Jaynes false information about the packages. “Mattingly actually started the conversation” Goodlett said. “(Mattingly said) ‘like my bad I didn’t mean to confuse you guys, I heard it wasn’t the same target. I went ahead and verified he was getting packages.’ At that point we assumed he had verified that through the postal service.” Mattingly’s attorney told WAVE 3 News in October, “Sgt. Mattingly never advised Officer Jaynes that packages for Jamarcus Glover had been delivered at Breonna Taylor’s apartment.”

The postal inspector also previously stated “no packages of interest were going there.”

Contradicting what Jaynes wrote in the affidavit, WAVE 3 News uncovered interviews with multiple LMPD officers who said no suspicious packages were going to Taylor’s home.

WAVE 3 News also found new messages from Hankison’s phone after the shooting. He sent a message to someone saying he “fired 10ish rounds.” He also received a message saying “LOL at least coronavirus will keep you out of the news as much.”

Two months later her name grabbed headlines and sparked protests across the world. Less than a year later, Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into neighbors’ homes the night Taylor was shot and killed. An EMT on the scene also revealed officers told medics Mattingly was the only person who was shot. EMTs never went into the apartment.

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