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Two “wintry” systems to track over the next 5 days.

TONIGHT/MONDAY: Overall thinking is still the same with this one. Mainly a cold rain (yuck) for Central KY. If it can come down hard enough, there is a chance you can flip those drops to flakes. And some large ones too! That could cause some brief accumulation on grassy areas or slush but most roads will just be wet. Where the moisture will be lacking (near Louisville) it looks to be more of a light/cold drizzle. We could get colder after sunrise Monday to allow for that drizzle to go to flurries, but again, no impact. This one is more of a “festive” snow if you are lucky enough to experience the changeover. We’ll be watching it carefully.

TUESDAY NIGHT/WEDNESDAY: Depending on how temperatures trend Monday and Tuesday, some could face either rain or snow with this system. That “line” looks to fall within WAVE Country right now. There is colder air involved on the northern side of this system so an accumulating snow is possible, and looking more likely as data rolls in. How much? Too early to make that call. However, until the wave tonight...the colder profile means slick roads could take place. So this one will be one we will be updating often as we get closer.

The video will cover the above in much more detail.


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