Fort Knox family spreading holiday cheer with massive light display

Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 1:00 AM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Fort Knox soldier and his family are spreading holiday joy with a spectacular light display at their on-post residence.

Jeremy and Rebecca Morelock, along with sons Easton and Mason, have been running a music light show for four years. This is their first year on Fort Knox.

After three years at Fort Campbell, they moved to Fort Knox in October.

“Now that we’re part of V Corps, great to be in the area,” Jeremy Morelock said. “Elizabethtown and Radcliff are very welcoming to us. We’re very happy to be here and be able to show our light display in this area now.”

Jeremy said that they have always had a lot of lights, but it’s grown to something more over the years. They started synchronizing the lights with music four years ago.

After moving to Fort Knox at the end of October, Jeremy Morelock didn’t intend on doing the display, but after some team building with his unit, he realized that he needed to do it.

“A question came up: what do you like to do? And I instantly thought of Christmas lights. So there I already I knew I had to the Christmas light show this year,” he said.

Jeremy Morelock said his love for Christmas lights started at an early age.

“As a kid loved going around looking at lights,” he recalled. “There was a house I always remembered had thousands of lights and all they had decorated was this one tree. It always stuck out to me. So I always want to leave an impression on kids.”

During the next few weeks, families can tune their radios to 88.7 FM and drive by the on-post residence and watch the lights flicker on and off with the music.

“If I can bring a little cheer for people who come by, watch Christmas lights for a few minutes or 30 if they want to watch the entire show,” Jeremy Morelock said.

The family opted for a playlist of 25 songs. They alternate the list every other night.

“People yell from their cars, ‘Hey love your light show!’ A lot of people want to know how much it cost to put this on or how many lights we have,” Jeremy Morelock said.

He refused to say how many lights are on display.

“I know how many lights there are, a very rough estimate,” Jeremy Morelock said. “This year we are looking to do a contest to see who could guess as many lights we have. The closest guess without going over will receive a gift basket put together by my wife Rebecca.”

The family said they hope the light display will bring people just as much joy as it does to them.

“I’ve had multiple people in this community here say ‘hey, thanks for doing this. Really nobody else puts up Christmas lights.’ So, it’s nice that not only do I go overboard but they appreciate the Christmas lights in general,” Jeremy Morelock said.

In addition to lights, inflatables, and trees, his favorite part of the display is the snowman and penguin. Both were hand drawn and cut out by his mom as gifts. Jeremy Morelock said even when the light display changes, those two pieces are always there.

“The things that’s always maintained and the constant are the snowman and penguin they are irreplaceable,” he said. “They always have a special place in my heart.”

Rebecca Morelock said her favorite part is not the lights but getting to help the North Pole by creating a mailbox for Santa.

“We like to help Santa at this time of year since he’s so busy and accept letters that kids sent to Santa and then we help Santa deliver a letter back with a little treat,” she said. “For me that’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I enjoy doing is spreading the joy beyond our house.”

Because of COVID-19, the couple’s sons can’t give out candy canes or greet their friends the way they normally would. Instead, they built a candy cane rack to keep it contactless.

Jeremy Morelock said the holidays make him think of family, but he says spending time with them isn’t possible in 2020. “I’ve done my fair share of not being around my family for the holidays and I don’t wish that upon anybody,” he said. “I wish everybody could be home for the holidays and spend time with each other and I understand that’s not possible. This year, even more so, not even in the military community. People in general are having to do social distancing, zoom calls for the holidays which is tough for everybody.”

The family will keep the lights on until 9 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and until 10 p.m. from Friday to Saturday. They said they will take the lights down after the new year.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that I can’t really give out gifts to everybody and anybody who is able to can just come by and enjoy them,” Jeremy said.

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