Western KY continues to experience phone service issues due to AT&T outages after Nashville explosion

Areas affected include Daviess County, Muhlenberg County, McLean County, Webster County
Officials in several counties throughout western Kentucky say their emergency call lines are...
Officials in several counties throughout western Kentucky say their emergency call lines are currently down.(WFIE)
Updated: Dec. 27, 2020 at 9:16 PM EST
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KENTUCKY (WFIE) - The impact of the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Friday has reached the Tri-State area.

Owensboro-Daviess County Dispatch told 14 News that operators are still receiving emergency calls, but service has been spotty since Friday morning.

On Saturday, dispatch says they are able to contact other agencies but are still seeing some issues. Officials also say they have been receiving calls from residents to see if they are still able to contact authorities in case of an emergency.

Henderson 911 officials told 14 News on Saturday that users who may not have service to call other contacts should still be able to call 911 with an emergency. Officials also say that Henderson County Emergency Communications 911 were not aware of issues about receiving 911 calls from AT&T users.

We are told callers should utilize another cell provider’s tower to place the emergency call. If users do experience issues, the 911 center encourages them to enable Wi-Fi calling in phone settings whenever possible and call 270-827-8700.

McLean County’s Judge-Executive’s Office says they are still seeing issues due to the Nashville explosion. County officials say the disruptions include some landline and cellular service. These outages have had an impact on the 911 Dispatch Service.

If anyone is experiencing an emergency, the Judge-Executive’s Office says to call one of the following numbers: 270-273-3276, 270-273-9784 or 270-273-3551.

McLean County officials say they will continue monitoring the situation and will provide updates.

Kenergy Corporation also addressed the outage issue on Twitter. Company officials are asking customers who are experiencing a Kenergy outage to call 800-844-4832.

Hancock County Dispatch tells 14 News the issues have gotten better with time. Dispatch officials say their 911 lines are up, but admin lines have been hit or miss.

Overall, dispatch says lines are working. The last update they received regarding the outage issues was that no time frame has been set on how long the service could be out.

Hopkins County Dispatch says 911 calls are going to their administrative lines. Due to the current status of the phone lines, dispatch officials are asking residents to know the address or location of their emergency, and the nature of the emergency when calling.

If anyone has a non-emergency they would like to report, officials are asking residents to call 270-821-1720.

In Muhlenberg County, officials say their emergency call lines are currently down. If anyone in the area has an emergency, people should call 270-225-0054 or 270-225-7087.

During extreme cases where people are unable to call those numbers, county officials say they can be reached on social media and through their nearest fire department.

On Saturday, 14 News reached out to Muhlenberg County officials, who say they are still experiencing some issues.

Muhlenberg 911 Director Kristi Jenkins tells 14 News that it’s unclear how long the service will be out.

”I just reached out about 10 a.m. and they told me they had no idea - I had never been told that before,” Jenkins said. “So this could be a while, and that’s what I’m afraid of.”

According to a press release, Webster County 911 Service was also experiencing problems, but Monday they said service had been restored.

These major connection issues are affecting Kentucky State Police as well.

KSP Post 16 in Henderson reported problems when it came to incoming calls into the dispatch center.

On Sunday, KSP officials announced that Post 16 phone lines are back in proper working order.

State troopers previously said that 911 dispatch centers throughout the district were experiencing outages.

KSP says emergency backup phone lines will remain active if 911 services are interrupted again.

Officials urge those attempting to contact KSP Post 16 to call 502-682-8626 or 502-682-2251.

KSP Post 2 in Nortonville was facing similar issues, but KSP confirmed Sunday that Post 2 phone lines are now working.

Personnel is requesting the people who are unable to get through by calling 911 to contact the phone numbers 502-395-1771 or 502-682-0941.

“Please note where you’re at,” KSP Trooper Corey King said. “See if you’re able to have any reception whatsoever. If you don’t, I think it’s imperative if you leave and have to go somewhere, let a loved one know that you’ll be completely out of communication.”

14 News will continue to monitor and provide updates on the outages.

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