Woman says her daughter died doing good deed for friends, but the friends won’t help in the case

Woman says her daughter died doing good deed for friends, but the friends won’t help in the case

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville mother said it’s been eight months since her daughter was shot and killed and she’s struggled with communication from the police department.

Delisa Love said she heard from her victim advocate for the first time last week and said the worst part is her daughter’s kind heart got her killed.

Kelsie Small died while doing what her family said she was known for, helping her friends. It’s been eight months and her family said those same friends are playing a role in why justice has not been served. Love said the loyalty she taught her 19-year-old daughter turned against her.

“The reason my daughter is even gone is because she came out to help a friend,” Love said. “At the end of the day her friend didn’t help her.”

Small’s friends asked for a ride home in May 9. Love said her daughter was the driver in her group of friends. The day before, Love bought Small new tires because she had put 40,000 miles on her car in a year.

“She didn’t mind at all,” Love said. “She wouldn’t care if you were in Egypt she was coming to Egypt to get you.”

After dropping two friends off, her mother said the last passenger exchanged words with a man outside. Small drove off then the suspect shot up the car. When Small and her passenger they tried to get out the suspect shot both of them multiple times again. She said witnesses told her “the man finished off her daughter.” Small was killed the day before mother’s day.

Love said it is painful knowing the same people her daughter drove home safely and saw the crime won’t speak up for her. She said the witnesses refuse to speak.

“Kelsie, my God, you can count on Kelsie on anything,” Love said. “Kelsie had a credit score of 730 at 19 years old, Kelsie was still a virgin at 19 just very outgoing, thriving to put her mark on life.”

Love turned that mark into a memorial in Small’s room.

“Every morning I wake up and open the blinds to let sunlight in and sometimes I just sit,” Love said.

Love found an essay Small wrote during her sophomore year of high school. She spoke about her dream for her future. Small accomplished everything in the essay. She attended Northern Kentucky University and was studying to become a nurse.

“Because I love helping people,” Love read from the essay. “I believe everyone deserves a second chance at this thing called life.”

Small never got a second chance. Her mother said she has peace knowing who her daughter was and the detective confirmed with her that Small was an innocent bystander and had no role in the crime that took her life.

WAVE 3 News checked for updates with LMPD on this investigation and they tell us they’re still working on identifying suspects.

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