Home of the Innocents vaccination brings employee closer to seeing mom

Home of the Innocents vaccination brings employee closer to seeing mom

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – With hundreds of children relying on them daily, a local organization and its hundreds of employees could not stop working or slow down during the pandemic.

The Home of the Innocents provides programs from safe havens for at-risk children, to adoption services and crisis intervention services.

There were no breaks, no viable work from home options and no separation from the pandemic for pediatric audiologist Marnie Pomeroy. Her story is the same for nearly 500 other team members of The Home of the Innocents. The 24/7 facility never closed its doors, continuing to provide safety, support and therapy for children.

“I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Pomeroy said.

The light shined through Thursday when more than half of the team members started their Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations. Employees like Pomeroy became a line of defense to the hundreds of children they help that cannot get vaccinated.

Pomeroy said she’s glad to get vaccinated. For the last 10 months she was constantly worried she was contracting or spreading the virus, while working or out in the community.

“The anxiety has been overwhelming,” Pomeroy said.

Providing comfort to patients kept Pomeroy away from hers.

“I got this vaccine for the PCC residents,” Pomeroy said. “The long term care facility, and my mom, who I haven’t seen in over a year.”

Her mother is in her 80s with underlying health conditions. At the start of the pandemic, Pomeroy said they both agreed they would not see each until they were both vaccinated. Pomeroy said the moment she gets to hold her mom cannot come soon enough.

Pomeroy left the auditorium with a shot in the arm and a shot to see her mom soon.

The vaccine is currently voluntary for Home of the Innocents employees. The organization partnered with Walgreens for the vaccinations. Its CEO said it received about 400 doses and about half of its 600 employees will receive the vaccine by Monday.

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