KY state lawmakers notice increased police presence after capitol siege, some push for change

KY state lawmakers notice increased police presence after capitol siege, some push for change

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Many Americans watched in disbelief as the U.S. Capitol was stormed Wednesday.

In Kentucky, it was quiet in Frankfort as the General Assembly met the day after, but some lawmakers had concerns hot button issues could turn violent in the commonwealth’s halls of government.

Legislators from both parties reflecting on the turbulence of the week.

“I think the safety concern is on everybody’s mind,” Rep Josie Raymond, (D) Louisville, said.

Speaker of the House David Osborne, (R) Prospect, appearing choked up when discussing the subject during a press conference.

“It was a disgrace,” Osborne said. “I’m sorry. I get emotional when I talk about this.”

Outside of the Kentucky Capitol building, KSP cars were parked in highly visible locations on capitol grounds for much of the day.

KSP has yet to specifically respond to our request for information as to whether they increased police presence at the facility Thursday.

Osborne said he noticed extra officers throughout the capitol building but is unaware who ordered them to be present. He added he hasn’t felt unsafe in the building this week.

For one state lawmaker, a social media post made just days before the capitol was stormed is feeling even more real.

Remember the foiled plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan? The conspirators had a plan B: take over the Michigan...

Posted by State Representative Josie Raymond on Sunday, January 3, 2021

“To see our representatives sheltering in place in the US capitol really shook us I think,” Raymond said.

In the post, Raymond writes about her concern regarding the foiled plot by extremists to take over the Michigan statehouse.

She adds, allowing guns in the halls of government, where fierce debate is often going on, is something she thinks is dangerous and wants to see changed.

Currently, people are allowed to bring guns into the Kentucky state capitol.

“Even before the violence in the U.S. Capitol yesterday, there were legislators here who shared with me they had nightmares about being shot in the Kentucky state capitol,” she said. “Sometimes our family members beg us not to come.”

Raymond said House Democratic leaders have asked the Republican majority leadership to see the active shooter and emergency plans for their chamber, following the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Osbourne said he doesn’t have control over that or whether guns are allowed in the state capitol.

Raymond said she does have faith that capitol security and KSP will protect the building but wants all to understand their state lawmakers are there to help them.

“We come out here and do the best we can,” she said. “Republican or Democrat, but politicians and the media have been villainized to the point where you’ve got folks thinking we’re the enemy.”

The house speaker refrained from giving his opinion on the matter of whether guns should be allowed in the capitol building when asked by reporters.

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