Breonna Taylor case: Fired officer sends final email to former colleagues

Breonna Taylor case: Fired officer sends final email to former colleagues
Det. Joshua Jaynes, who secured the warrant that led officers to Breonna Taylor's apartment the night of the deadly raid, written a goodbye email to his fellow officers. (Source: LMPD)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - In a farewell email to fellow officers, Joshua Jaynes said his firing was due to “political pressure.”

Jaynes said he believed Louisville Metro Police Department interim chief Yvette Gentry “would have listened to facts, logic and everything in totality, but that is not the case.” He went on to say, “Sadly, I don’t believe it was ‘her’ decision to make.”

About his 15 year career as a police officer, which he called “nearly unblemished,” Jaynes said it’s being judged by “one line of an affidavit.”

Jaynes said he has had to relocate his family because of death threats.

“The amount of hate was surreal, but to this day I do not hate them. People will hate what they do not understand. Just think, the very first news article regarding this case was inaccurate and false. How do you truly believe what comes after?” Jaynes said.

After saying that he will be fighting to find a job to provide for his family, Jaynes closed out his email with the following to his fellow officers:

“Brothers and Sisters,

I pray that the pendulum will soon swing back in favor of our police, and a command that will not bow to political pressure. Some command truly forget where they come from and what it is like being on the beat or a detective working countless hours on an investigation; pouring his/her soul into that investigation. There are so many GOOD citizens of Louisville who support you and have your back! I once said that this is the best job in the world, and it still is ! I pray that each of you reading this email have a rewarding and safe career. Stay vigilant, do your job and go home. Hug your loved ones and keep your circle of friends close. Those of you that do know me, know my heart and integrity. As always , stay safe and Godspeed.”

The full text of the Jaynes email can be found below.

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