Mild COVID symptoms could lead to some becoming long-haulers

Mild COVID symptoms could lead to some becoming long-haulers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Those who fight COVID symptoms the longest are not necessarily those who were hit the hardest by the virus, local doctors confirmed to WAVE 3 News Friday.

Lori Cheek said she has been dealing with the virus’ aftermath for about a year now.

“Even if I slept for 13 hours every day my brain is telling me to get up, but my body is not. I feel like I have weights on my eyelids at all times,” Cheek said.

Cheek said that’s how her life has been for nine months.

“The list is long, but I just haven’t felt normal since the beginning of March,” she said.

Norton doctors told WAVE 3 News said they see a lot of cases like Cheek’s. For most of the people currently being seen in Norton’s COVID-19 Long-term Care Clinic, they were never hospitalized or on breathing respirators.

Doctors are also unsure how and why some people are becoming long-haulers.

“I’ve been to a cardiologist and pulmonary doctor, I’ve one to a GI doctor and my primary care doctor,” Cheek said.

At Norton’s COVID-19 clinic, 80% of patients are female, and the median age is 47. Health care officials said they are currently treating patients ages 20 to 80.

There is a facility at Norton that is helping to not only improve treatment of those suffering from long-hauler symptoms, but also to not make those people feel alone.

Cheek said she has used social media for support.

“I’m in a support group with over 30,000 people who say they have the exact same thing as I have,” she said.

She said she feels there is no end in sight but has been taking steps to improve her condition.

Norton Doctors recommend physical activity to help improve long-hauler symptoms.

“I’ve been working on my immunity every day. I’ve been exercising like a banshee every day and trying to hydrate,” Cheek explained.

To learn more about Norton’s COVID-19 Long Term Care Clinic, click here.

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