People 80 and older up next for COVID-19 vaccine in Indiana

People 80 and older up next for COVID-19 vaccine in Indiana

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A click on a link could bring you closer to protecting yourself against the coronavirus. The site to sign up for vaccinations in Indiana is now open and live online.

Any Hoosier 80 and older is next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccination registration site is open, however exclusively for Indiana.

Jessie Summers is 84 years old and fits the demographic for the vaccine.

Summers lives in Louisville and crosses over to Indiana for church. Summers said she is OK with Kentucky not offering her the vaccine yet because she still has not made up her mind on getting the shot.

“I think I’m waiting for the side effects,” Summers said. “Also, the after effects and what the long term effects will be.”

When she is ready, she said she hopes she gets access to the vaccine. She is ready to go back into her place of worship.

The site can operate seven days a week, however hours of operations depend on how many doses the Indiana Department of Health receives.

The site states eligible employees should receive an invitation and registration link from their employer, state of Indiana or government agency and everyone should remember the vaccine supply is limited.

The Clark County Health Department states its vaccine site will set up at 748 Lewis and Clark Parkway. The site will have more than 100 volunteers. It is expected to open Monday.

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