Advocate calling for Cole’s Place to close after double homicide

Advocate calling for Cole’s Place to close after double homicide

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Kimberly Moore, Executive Director of Joshua Community Connectors, remembers a time nearly 25 years ago she used to party at Cole’s Place, she said she felt safe and always had fun.

Now after multiple shootings over the years, she wants the West Louisville event space to close.

“I like John Cole, I think he’s a nice guy,” Moore said. “But I think he needs to change his event space, I think he needs to close.”

Early Sunday morning around 3:00, two people were shot outside of Cole’s Place, a private event center that sits on the 2900 block of Kentucky Street.

“Bent Under the Tent was the name of the party last night, and we have to ask ourselves, why was there that many young people chose to go to an event space that should’ve been closed a long time ago in the middle of a pandemic,” Moore added.

It all started when a fight broke out inside. Rickey, a Cole’s employee said everyone involved in the fight was immediately kicked out.

“When the fight broke out, them people was put out the club,” Rickey explained. “So, wherever they went in the back there by the parking lot, the guy tried to climb over the fence to get away from the guy that was chasing him, and then that’s when the guy shot.”

Rickey said security and his team did everything they could to keep the people inside safe.

“We do our job, we make sure everything is good,” Rickey said. “After the last situation, we had where we had to go to court or whatever.”

In November of 2018, owner John Cole closed the doors of what used to be a nightclub, following a shooting that month. He reopened Cole’s Place as an event Center.

“How is he allowed to remain open with a different name in the same location,” Moore questioned. “Because my thinking is if he was going to change the name, he should’ve changed the location.”

In March of 2015, Cole’s Place was also the site of a shooting where 6 people were shot, including a pregnant woman.

Moore said its time to stop talking, she’s asking city leaders to step up.

“We’ve been talking for the last 10 years, it’s about what kind of actions are the mayor and other people in power going to take to help us change the scenario and narrative around the lives of young black men and boys,” Moore said. “We have a new police chief, she sounds good, I want to know what she’s going to do.”

We also spoke to a neighbor who lives close to Cole’s Place, she was inside the party at the time of the shooting. She said she doesn’t blame Cole, but said she won’t be back.

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