UK players discuss decision to kneel for National Anthem

UK players discuss decision to kneel for National Anthem

(WAVE) - When the UK men’s basketball team made the decision to kneel for the National Anthem before Saturday’s game at Florida, they knew it would elicit some reaction.

“Obviously we knew that people would react a certain way, but I mean as always, you always have some people that are pleased and some people that aren’t,” UK center Olivier Sarr said.

That reaction spanned both ends of a wide spectrum, from a Laurel County sheriff and jailer who burned their UK shirts on a Facebook video, to veterans who tweeted, “I served to protect ones rights. That includes their kneeling.”

“We’re just trying to make like a peaceful protest,” UK freshman Isaiah Jackson said, “trying to get through to everybody that we need equality just like everybody else.”

“It comes from a place of understanding,” Sarr added, “peaceful and just having conversations and being open minded.”

When asked if the Cats planned any future protests, Sarr said, “We will see.”

The Cats (4-6, 3-0 SEC) host Alabama (5-1, 4-0) on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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