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Quite the weather change coming our way over the next couple of days.

One common weather element will be the wind. Strong at times today and even through Saturday. Gusts up to 30 mph will be possible.

Today will be our warmest day of the forecast, so enjoy it!

Rain will move in tonight (near 11pm). While it may mix with snow after midnight, there will be a dry slot pushing in.

Friday will feature lots of wind and developing snow showers and snow squalls in the afternoon. This look especially true between Evansville and Louisville. The “squall” part means intense snowfall rates and low visibility. These are the type of snows that can change travel conditions in a snap.

The snow showers will develop again Saturday and yet another wave Sunday.

As far as snowfall amounts, that part will be harder. These will be like “scattered thunderstorms” in the summer. You know how the sky gets dark in the distance and the gas station down the street picks up a downpour yet it misses your house? Same thing. Just snow. You could get missed by every one of these or PICK UP every one of them. That means totals will vary from basically nothing to 3″. Not an easy forecast.

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