Process to register for COVID vaccine in Kentucky explained

Process to register for COVID vaccine in Kentucky explained

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Appointments to get vaccinated in Kentucky appear to be going as fast as the coronavirus spread.

Governor Andy Beshear announced this week that people who are 70 and older can now sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since healthcare workers and first responders have been vaccinated and more of the antidote is available, the next phase of vaccination has begun. Beshear says the majority of the 1B Phase group will be vaccinated within the coming months.

“One of the challenges is a large portion of our scheduling and hospitals is being done online,” Dr. Sarah Hartlage with Louisville Metro Health and Wellness said. She said the website, found by clicking here, is a little tricky.

There will be a drop-down menu and a ‘Request COVID-19 Appointment’ button to finish the process. Then, users will be prompted to choose the name of a hospital (Norton Healthcare, UofL Health or Baptist Health) or healthcare provider. The healthcare provider’s homepage will send prompts to fill out.

Hartlage warned there will be instances when the provider’s webpage will not have appointments available. This is based off whether the healthcare system has enough vaccines for that week.

The vaccine rollouts are determined by federal and state allocations.

Relatives can help a loved one fill out a vaccine appointment with the proper credentials and forms of ID. If there isn’t a computer or internet available, the Louisville Health & Wellness has a hotline to take requests for appointments and to help during business hours. Call (502) 912-8598 to reach the COVID-19 Hotline.

“If you have a parent or loved one who needs help with that, you can help them get through the process,” Hartlage said. “You’ll need to have their birthday, insurance information that sort of thing available to you.”

Healthcare workers and first responders who are in the Phase 1A group can still make appointments to get vaccinated.

Hartlage said there have been certain circumstances where people outside of the vaccination groups have gotten their first shot; however, the process is vetted through the county’s health department or the healthcare provider.

The general population still is not eligible to request an appointment.

The objective is to get majority of the Phase 1B group is vaccinated before moving on to Phase 1C,Dr. Steven Hester, the chief medical officer at Norton Healthcare, said.

“We want to make sure we’re using appointments. Rather than having people show up and stand in line,” Hester explained. “We certainly don’t want folks 70 and over gathering in large crowds [or] standing in lines.”

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