Louisville gun violence program launching to help curb homicides

Louisville gun violence program launching to help curb homicides

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A new city initiative called the Group Violence Intervention Program will be focusing on saving lives by decreasing gun violence in Louisville communities.

Project manager, Jessie Halladay, said with help from law enforcement, Christopher 2X with Game Changers, and the community she feels like we can get control over the already rising homicide numbers.

“We are looking to intervene very specifically with those very small group of individuals in our community who are drivers of violence, so they are the trigger pullers,” Halladay explained.

Families affected by gun violence will also play a role by going out into communities in our city talking to those who feel like bullets are the answer.

Donna Munoz lost her brother-in-law, Jose, in 2019 when he was shot and killed at a Louisville Olive Garden, Munoz said she’s looking forward to helping with this initiative, and she’s hoping more people will step up.

“It’s great there’s people like me who’s trying to make a difference,” Munoz said. “It’s great there’s people like Christopher 2X, we have so many different support groups out there wanting to make a change for youth but I’d also like to see some more lawmakers out being more involved, come out and meet with us, know us.”

If you’d like to be a part of the Group Violence Intervention Program’s efforts email Jessie Halladay at jessie.halladay@louisvilleky.gov

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