Limited vaccine supply forces some Louisville priority residents to be put on hold

Limited vaccine supply forces some Louisville priority residents to be put on hold

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - During his weekly COVID-19 briefing Tuesday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the limited supply of a coronavirus vaccine is controlling how much the city distributes.

It’s been three weeks since the mass COVID-19 vaccine distribution site, LouVax, opened at the Broadbent Arena in Louisville.

The first week, Metro Public Health officials said they administered 2,000 doses to healthcare workers. The second week, they administered 4,000 doses. This week, they are expecting to administer 6,000 doses.

Public Health officials say they have the capacity to do twice as many, but supply is limited.

Louisville gets about 10,000 doses from the state each week. As of Tuesday, you have to be in group 1A or 1B to make an appointment.

But not everyone is showing up to their appointments.

“We’re having about a 10-percent no-show rate through our LouVax site,” Metro Louisville Chief Health Strategist Dr. Sarah Moyer said. “It’s really important that if you are one of the lucky and privileged ones to get a spot that you keep that. If not, there are plenty of people that will want it. So if you get a phone call at the last minute, that means we have extra vaccine for the day. So be ready to get in your car and come down and see us.”

If you’re eligible to sign up in Louisville, go to

If all of the appointments are full, the city asks that you fill out the interest form online. If they continue to have no-shows, workers will call people from interest forms first.

Anyone who does not have internet at home is asked to call 502-912-8598.

Watch Mayor Fischer’s full COVID-19 briefing here:

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