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Fairly quiet setup the next few days with main weather elements featuring wind and temperature swings.

Southwest wind flow will kick in to help temperatures recover from any fall that happens this evening. We will keep that them going throughout Thursday with a good chance to get into the lower to mid 50s.

There will be a southern wave scooting by. The northward push of moisture will be brief and limited to just Southern KY. There is just enough cold air aloft that some of it may mix with sleet or snow but that risk looks higher where elevation is higher across SE KY. Overall, a minor issue.

We do turn colder Friday and Saturday but dry.

The setup for next week remains complex. The moisture flow will get strung out like cotton candy from the SW US to the SE US. There will be cold air across the north which means there will be a rain/snow battle zone. For now, that zone looks to fall juuuussssst north of WAVE Country. In fact, we could face one heck of a temperature gradient of 30s far north to 60 or so south! That also means the rain band that sets up could be locally heavy where this gets more established. I know there is some concern of some shifting but the thing to keep in mind is that if this shifts more south, it also means it will be a weaker wave. A wave that is stronger than expected will shift north. Let’s give this more time in the oven to get sorted out as there will be 1 to possibly 3 waves that get stretched out next week.

The video will cover this in more detail.


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