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Get ready for a cold night ahead with lots of teens by sunrise. This cold snap is quite important to the weekend forecast, in particular...Sunday. With the ground getting colder, the moisture increase on Sunday will lead to at least brief concerns for a light glaze thanks to freezing rain. Elevated objects like trees, cars...your porch, etc., will run the greatest risk at that glaze. But there is a window here for some slick roads/bridges/overpasses as well. Areas along/north of I-64 look to see that risk more than others. The good news is the amounts look light AND temperatures will have a chance to warm by the afternoon to keep this a short-term concern. Having said that, an advisory may come out as we get closer in time.

The focus then shifts to the rain for Monday. Modeling is still showing the potential for 1-4″ across Kentucky with 1-2″ MOST likely out of that range.

We will get another brief break but another system moves in Thursday morning. This one will have some colder air aloft compared to the Monday rain. This will put snow chances at least back on the table for discussion. We’ll see how it goes.


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