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It was a close call on lots of wintry weather with this current system, but warm air aloft won out as it usually does in these setups. Still, we are facing some weather woes out there with heavy rain at times and we could see some hail later on. Not sleet, but hail. Hail is part of a WARM weather process, sleet is a COLD process. They get mixed up often, and I get it...both are basically just balls of ice.

Temperatures will actually rise tonight into Tuesday as the rain shuts down.

The next wave for Wednesday is going to be about its potency and timing. It looks to be a small, but strong little guy as it traveling through WAVE Country. Timing overall looks to be near or after sunset into the nighttime hours. That part is key. If it arrives too early, it will likely start as rain and THEN change to snow. Such a setup would cut down on snowfall to barely anything left for accumulations. However, a nighttime arrival should allow for a quicker changeover from rain to snow. Then the potency part comes into play More of a dynamic upper low could lead to a nice thumping of wet snow...say of an inch or two. Nothing major as it looks to be moving too fast to lead to a more significant system.

So once again, we have to just wait and see how this will play out once we get into Wednesday itself. No doubt if you want to “play” in this one, you’ll have get up early Thursday morning!

There is a chance at another brief mix Saturday night into Sunday but as in today, the warm flow aloft looks strong so it will quickly go to rain.

The video will explain all of this in much more detail...


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