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Windy but dry as we head into this afternoon.

The main feature that is next in line is our snow for Wednesday afternoon and evening. This feature will not last more than say 3 hours on the accumulating snowfall potential window. It will still have some scattered snow showers/flurries for another 3 hours behind it but accumulations will be much more sparse and light.

So how much? Timing of day is the kicker I have been talking about these any of these features. The timing still looks to have daylight involved and it will also happen during the “warmest” part of the day. Those are (2) negative factors on getting a somewhat decent snowfall. So just like a math problem, we have to subtract.

Potential snowfall: 3″

Starting briefly as rain: -1″

Melting at first: -1″

So that leaves us with basically 1″.

But the formula may vary here and there for your location so some of you will be +/- on that 1″ part.

I think the biggest issue will be the drop into the mid 20s at night. That will lead to slick untreated roads and bridges. So please use caution.

We will see a break for a couple of days before the next system moves in Saturday night. There are still signs this will start as a burst of snow then warm to rain. But if you live north/east of Louisville...stay close to the forecast on that “snow” part.

Enjoy the video!


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