Area girls helping seniors sign up for COVID vaccine

Area girls helping seniors sign up for COVID vaccine

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two area girls are moving mountains for a lot of people in the community who are desperate to get the COVID vaccination. Many people have had difficulty getting signed up.

Keith Turner, 73, told WAVE 3 News he has been eager to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“This thing [COVID-19] is not to be messed around with in any way, shape, or form,” Turner said.

Turner complained about how frustrating it was to sign up on the computer.

“You go to this site, and you cannot get in,” Turner said. “It’s a constant little circle. I’m not getting anywhere. Then I thought, ‘Well, it’s me. I’m not good with the computer.’ Then, you call their phone numbers and it’s a recording and that recording takes you back to the same site.”

Turner, like so many others, said he was tired of the runaround.

His wife then saw a flyer on social media about two tech-savvy students volunteering their time to help: Jacqueline Teague, 16, and Amelie Beck, 14.

“Lo and behold, an hour and half later, I get a phone call [from the girls],” Turner said.

Teague and Beck are cousins. They told WAVE 3 News they saw how difficult it was for their grandparents to sign up for the vaccine.

“I think it was even hard for us to understand at first, kind of how to jump through all the hoops and everything,” Beck said.

“Internet and all that stuff really factors into how well and accessible it is for them to get it,” she continued. “Some of these people only have landlines.”

“There are so many authentication questions you have to go through to make an account it’s hard to do,” Teague added.

Thanks to the girls’ flyer, they said they have gotten 265 emails from people who needed help, 20 calls a day, and have helped 100 people get scheduled and/or vaccinated.

“It feels amazing, honestly,” Beck said.

“We get these voicemails thanking us,” Teague added.

Turner said he is getting his vaccination this week thanks to the girls.

“[It] just proves to the point that our young people are just as good as we were when we were growing up,” Turner said. “We were trying to help other people.”

Those who would like to contact the girls can call 502-479-1313 or email

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