Super Bowl Sunday could be less than super for bars, restaurants

Super Bowl Sunday could be less than super for bars, restaurants

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The first Super Bowl Sunday under COVID-19 restrictions will bring lowered expectations for local bars and restaurants.

During the holidays, the Centers for Disease Control suggested the safest way to celebrate is at home with family or roommates, and that stands for Super Bowl Sunday.

WAVE 3 News found that some bars and restaurants in Louisville are preparing for smaller crowds and less business.

“Obviously with the distancing and the restrictions we’re going to do 50%, if we’re lucky, of that day.” Bruce Jarrett, the Saints Pizza Pub and Skybar general manager, said. “Super Bowl Sunday is generally not a huge day. We don’t really have any local teams in it. But a lot of people have parties at their houses.”

The CDC recommends staying home to watch the game and even published tips on how to host a virtual Super Bowl party.

“Most people tend to do their family parties and big get-togethers at their house and stuff,” John Murrow, Check’s Café owner said. “So It will be interesting to see this year how that is.”

At Check’s Cafe in, Super Sunday at the Schnitzelburg landmark will be business as usual. COVID-reduced capacity is just 65 at Check’s, down from 137. There will still be 18 screens for whoever shows, guaranteeing a good view of the game.

”There’s a lot less people,” Murrow said. “You can hear the game, talk to your friends and it’s a good place to watch a game.”

Saints Pizza Pub and Skybar in St Matthews has the capacity to hold 600 people. This year, the upstairs is closed and COVID restrictions allow under 100 people to be seated and take in the game on 40 screens.

”You could wander up to the bar and get a beer and stand around,” Jarrett said. “This year you have to be seated, you have to stay where you are, you can’t wander around or walk into somebody else’s distancing.”

People who choose to venture out may not be spending as much money as in previous years.

The CDC recommends limiting the amount of time spent in a bar or restaurant and drinking less to prevent bad decisions when it comes to sticking to COVID prevention guidelines.

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