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SnowTALK! Weather Blog Update

Lots to track this weekend with temperatures playing a crucial role in the coverage/amounts of snow and ice. No doubt location is key as well so make sure you know where you are on our maps as some of you will face more of the snow side of things while others ice and southern areas still most likely to remain rain.

Anytime we have played the balancing act with temperatures and potential winter storms, there tend to be surprises in the outcome as these setups are just too complex. But it is our job to examine all of the data, bring awareness and then track each system carefully. I can tell you right now the first place we will be going to for updates will be the WAVE 3 Weather App, so get it today!

Our (2) main systems this week:

1) Snow near sunset will streak out into Southern IN. It will then slowly build more south toward the Ohio River overnight and end around sunrise. As it makes that south shift, it may mix with or even change to light freezing rain. For that reason, we are going with the higher snow totals (1-4″) north and generally around 1″ along the river. South of the river, it appears you will be warm enough for mainly rain or a brief light glaze of ice. Still be careful out there traveling!

2) Arrives during the day Wednesday south to north. It appears much of this will be freezing rain with snow on its northern side. The concern of course will be the duration of the freezing rain and any changeover to snow or on the other side of the coin, plain rain...can happen. With the current data at play, this looks to be a significant amount of icing that Winter Storm Watches may come out as early as this afternoon for this setup Wednesday. However, with the system tonight moving in, NWS may wait until morning to issue those to not confuse anyone. We’ll let you know.

The video today will cover all of this in more detail.


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