How to be prepared ahead of potentially dangerous winter weather

How to be prepared ahead of potentially dangerous winter weather

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Residents of Kentucky and southern Indiana have begun preparing for another extreme winter storm.

Jim Lehrer helped dozens of customers who visited his store, Brownsboro Hardware and Paint, in search of tools, gear and more to get ready for the winter system on Monday.

“Kevin (Harned) has Alert Days coming up all week,” Lehrer told WAVE 3 News. “Folks are coming in, getting ice melts and other products getting ready for the storms.”

He said Monday the 40-pound bags of salt he sells didn’t last very long on the shelves, but he noted he had 20 pallets with more bags on the way, as well as generators to sell.

Unlike in 2009, when a major ice storm blew its way through WAVE County without much notice, this week’s storm is showing its possible dangerous conditions much sooner so people can prepare.

Hardin County Emergency Services Chief Bryce Shumate told WAVE 3 News there’s more than enough warning to get ready.

“With the early warning we have this time, now we’re trying to take advantage of that by warning people,” Shumate said.

Shumate recommended having the following home items to last at least a week:

  • Food, including pet food
  • Medication/prescriptions
  • Water
  • Batteries and pipe coverings

He also suggested families gas up their cars and fill up an extra gas can to have at home, and check whether their generators work, if they have one.

Shumate said if generators aren’t available and a person’s power does go out, there are shelters in WAVE Country that have been set up. However, there are risks involved seeking shelter during a pandemic.

“Do you worry about the pandemic, or do you worry about family freezing to death?” Shumate questioned. “I know those are harsh words, but those are things we have to think of.”

The following websites provide tips on how to stay safe and ready during harsh winter weather, as well as where shelters are:

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