Hardin County prepares for another winter storm next week

Hardin County prepares for another winter storm next week

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE)- Although hit with icy roads and freezing temperatures, Hardin County made it through this week’s winter weather. However, the community isn’t in the clear just yet. The precipitation has stopped and the main roads are clear, but another winter storm is on it way.

What’s hitting Hardin County next brings flashbacks to Marcia and Joe Dorsey, who had a recent scare on the road.

“I was scared because when we went off the road we went off backwards,” Marcia Dorsey said. “We landed up against the tree and I was kind of hanging in the tree until the tow truck got there. So I was terrified to drive to work.”

The upcoming weather also puts a damper on the future for Mr. and Mrs. Gardner. They were traveling into Nelson County to get Mr. Gardner’s COVID vaccine. The shot was their peace of mind. He has cancer.

“After we got over, we found out they canceled it,” Mrs. Gardner said. “So we’re back at square one again waiting for the next vaccination.”

Their next chance is next week. The Gardner’s said they won’t be able to be make it. They’re now preparing for more sleet and snow coming Sunday night into Monday morning.

“You take it as it comes,” Mrs. Gardner said. “If you get there you do, if you don’t you don’t.”

There will then be ice and snow Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning with a possible break Wednesday.

“There’s nothing we can do to stop it so all we can do is deal with it,” Marcia Dorsey said.

Both couples said everyone has to stay ready, stay positive and stay ahead of every winter mix that comes their way.

Hardin County and the surrounding area can also expect more snow or ice Wednesday night into Thursday.

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