Car stuck in the snow? Tips to get it out

Car stuck in the snow? Tips to get it out

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Getting stuck in the snow or ice is a headache many drivers across WAVE Country have dealt with before. As winter storms continue to impact the area, that situation may pop up more frequently.

There are some common tips experts suggest when it comes to getting unstuck.

Clear a path: Remove snow and ice in front of and behind tires. If someone doesn’t have a shovel, they can use a snow scraper to do that.

Add traction: Use salt, sand or kitty litter to create traction in front of the vehicle’s drive tires. If needed, sticks and stones that won’t hurt tires can be added to the same effect.

Tires: Point your tires straight and carefully rock your car free of the rut. Experts from Nationwide suggest not flooring the gas.

Jody Meiman, director of Louisville Metro Emergency Services, said drivers should plan ahead by ensuring their gas tanks are full, and their phones are charged. Meiman added if drivers get stuck in a snowbank, they should crack their windows and call for help if needed.

“Call 911 or somebody to come and help you,” Meiman said. “Crack your window just a little bit. So, that carbon monoxide doesn’t form in your car from your vehicle running.”

Making sure a car’s tailpipe isn’t blocked by snow can also reduce the dangers of carbon monoxide.

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