Gov. Beshear issues warning ahead of second winter weather event

Gov. Beshear issues warning ahead of second winter weather event

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WAVE) – Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear gave an emergency weather update Monday morning as Kentucky prepares for its second of three snow events expected in a matter of days.

Beshear urged residents to give themselves extra time on the roads; or, stay off the roads completely.

He said the state already suffered loss of life the last time snow fell across Kentucky, and considering everything the state’s been through in the last year or so, he’s asking not to let this week be what causes people to lose a loved one.

Kentucky Emergency Management Director Michael Dossett said the expected rate of snowfall is going to exceed what emergency management can handle on the interstates, and as snowfall continues, it could also lead to loss of power.

Beshear already has called in the National Guard to parts of Eastern Kentucky.

He said Monday morning that now is the time to look to look after your neighbors.

“We’ve been through too much,” he said. “We’ve sacrificed too much. We have the capability to work remotely more than ever before, so take care of one another. Check on your neighbors, especially if you lose power, and you have seniors or if you have those who are tougher to reach or might have tougher needs. Be a good neighbor. I know you’ve done it for the last 11 months. Let’s do it for the next week, and we will take care of each other.”

State Transportation Secretary Jim Gray said Monday that the roads across Kentucky that will receive the most attention from plows and salt trucks will be interstates, parkways and heavily-traveled roads like those that lead to hospitals.

However, even those roads could be covered by snow even as fast as they’re plowed.

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