State, local crews looking to clear slush off the roads before another round of snow

State, local crews looking to clear slush off the roads before another round of snow

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As Monday night’s snowfall slowed to a halt, Louisville Metro was forced to deal with a different problem on the roads - slush.

The combination to sleet and snow made Tuesday’s morning commute sloppy for Jon Johnson.

“I remember when I was a kid we’d get snow like this, but it’s been quite awhile,” Johnson said. “It’s kind of a rude awakening for it come up as quick as it did.”

Johnson spent some time scraping the ice off his car, before braving the slush on Shelbyville Road. To him, the road conditions were not nearly poor enough to miss work.

“I’m a hard worker, at least I’d like to think so,” Johnson said. “And I’m not going to miss work for anything unless I have to.”

Others, like Debra Murphy, shared that mindset.

She said her neighborhood was plowed enough for her to hit the gym and the grocery without any problems.

“I came down Lexington and Shelbyville Road and they were fine,” Murphy said. “Not any problem. Our neighborhood was a little snowy, but fine. No problems at all.”

Metro Public Works spokesperson Salvador Melendez told WAVE 3 News the slush on the city’s main roads is a good sign. Melendez said that buildup means the chemicals used to treat the roads are working.

“Because what that is is a mixture of that salt and calcium chloride that is working as a deicer, so drivers have some friction as they drive,” Melendez said. “So that residual stuff that you see is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Melendez said crews are working around the clock to clear the residual slush from the main roads and clear the snow from the back streets before more snow hits the city.

While Metro Public Works clears the local roads, snowfighters with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are also working to clear the interstates in Jefferson County.

“[We want to] get things back under control and then keep them that way,” KYTC spokesperson Stephanie Caros said. “Overnight last night, they’d plow and then within an hour, we had had so much more accumulation, it was kind of just trying to get up what had just come down.”

Melendez said roads that will be particularly difficult to clear are the highly traveled roads outside the Gene Snyder Freeway that do not provide access to what he called “critical areas” of the city.

Those roads include:

  • Blevins Gap Road
  • Mitchell Hill Road
  • Jefferson Hill Road
  • Old Heady Road
  • Routt Road

Caros noted KYTC snowfighters will pay extra attention to three areas that tend to freeze more than others. Those roads include:

  • I-64 along the Ohio River
  • I-64 ramps at 9th Street
  • I-264 and I-71
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